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Lockyer Agri Services

Equipment Supplies

We offer a wide variety of high quality agri equipment.
If you’re looking for a particular product or range, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Galebreaker Agri

Galebreaker exists to enable agricultural businesses to perform at their best in any weather or climate. Our weather protection, ventilation and access solutions help provide ideal housing conditions for healthy, productive livestock.


Animal-friendly solutions for the Dairy and cattle farming. Cattle need sufficient fresh air and daylight to stay healthy and develop well. It doesn't matter whether you are building a new cattle barn, dairy barn or box barn or whether you want to modernise your bull barn or calf barn: With our Lubratec ventilation systems, our textile doors and fronts or our lighting systems, you can transform any barn into a climate control barn.


With over 55 years in the agriculture industry, we know a thing or two about creating the right environment for animal welfare and productivity. All of our product ranges have been developed with that in mind. We offer a range of ventilation, heating & controls designed to meet the specific needs of your animals and you.


Backed by 70 years of experience, with more than 1000 dealers, thousands of points of sale worldwide and fully aware of cattle breeding issues. As the world's leading manufacturer of bovine equipment, Jourdain combines state-of-the-art technology and respect for the tradition of tube work for the greatest satisfaction of its customers.

Bioret Agri

Lockyer are the largest supplier & installer of these water mattress in England. These are the bees knees in cow comfort! The Aquastar mattress is made of a latex underlay of 35mm and a waterbed that offers 70 mm of pure comfort. The mattress wraps and supports each animal’s morphology, while applying a uniform pressure (in cm2) to the entire body. Thanks to water, the Aquastar mattress reduces all pressure points, creates optimal blood circulation to optimize milk production. Natural evacuation of milk and urine at the rear of the cubicle.

Kitt Ltd

Specialist equipment for the Agricultural and Equestrian industries. We source the best products from the best manufacturers for bedding management, slurry management and cattle handing. Our objective is to help you reduce time and labour costs while improving animal welfare and driving productivity. All products are tough, practical, low maintenance and long-lasting.

Condon Engineering

We’ve used our 40 years of design experience to develop the optimum cow cubicle. The Hybrid Flex Cubicle combines the flexibility of plastic and the stability of a steel structure. Our unique combination delivers maximum comfort for the cow without compromising the strength of the cubicle.


Storth Ltd are the leading manufacturer of slurry handling equipment in the UK. Established in 1999 by Chris Richardson and Alan Looker, the founding directors have used their extensive knowledge of the market to grow the business into what it is today; a worldwide brand exporting to over 30 countries. Based on the outskirts of Holme village on the Cumbria/Lancashire border, Storth is central to the UK market and benefits from key infrastructure links such as the M6 motorway and Heysham ferry terminal.


In 1979 Melvyn Bateman set about starting an agricultural engineering company to rival the best in the business, in the decades that have followed LM Bateman & Co. Ltd. has become a leading light in the agricultural world not only in the UK but throughout Europe.


Ritchie was in 1870 as a blacksmithing service to the local community of Gateside in the County of Angus, Scotland. As farming advanced during the late 19th and early 20th Century, traditional blacksmithing skills were replaced with the manufacturing of a small range of innovative implements designed to improve efficiency and reduce labour inputs as horsepower gave way to steam and tractor power. This business expansion necessitated relocating from the country into the town of Forfar where Ritchie continued to develop and manufacture products for both the livestock and arable industries.

Teemore Engineering

Teemore Engineering Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of livestock housing and handling equipment. We have, for many years, been at the forefront of our industry paving the way for new developments in animal comfort, increasing efficiency and handler safety.